Delivering acoustic pop with a blues flavor, singer/songwriter Nick Marzock brings soulful grooves to indie rock. Inspired by an eclectic array of genres including blues, rock, soul, and pop, Nick derives his sound and his approach from the foundation of his influences while adding his own touch and flavors to the mix of sounds.


Heavily influenced by modern artists such as The Dave Matthews Band and John Mayer, Nick also draws from the history of rock and soul from classic artists like Eric Clapton and Bill Withers. Adding his stories and experiences, Marzock shares a familiar sound with his own personal touch in his performances. Nick Marzock delivers a passion of rock with the spirit of soul.


The melodies and the harmonies of Nick's songs are as important as the lyrics and the message that he shares from each song. The detail and attention given to creating the balance between his words and his music give each of Marzock's songs strong foundations with musical and lyrical depth. When on stage, he delivers these songs with an energy that is rivaled by few and representative of the emotion that was had while writing each one. Nick Marzock is a diverse artist in every sense of the word.